About Us

Country Endeavours provides IT consultancy services, primarily to enterprises in Melbourne or country Victoria, Australia.


Country Endeavours commenced in 1999 to respond to the need for consultants who:

  • were able to be flexible with their time,
  • had very valuable network contacts, and
  • could pull together a team of professional people who are experts in their respective fields.

Why “Country Endeavours”?

Country Endeavours provides services for all – not just those related to rural activities. In fact, many of our clients are city-based and have little or nothing to do with rural initiatives. And that may include you! However, the principal consultant has frequently been involved with rural and environmental projects. These have included IT solutions supporting:

  • Forecasting timber industry sustainability. Details
  • Optimisation of wool sales and logistics. Details
  • Integration of minerals and petroleum resource records. Details
  • Electronic livestock auctioning to reduce animal transportation and stress while increasing market exposure. Details
  • Relationship management within the wheat industry. Details
  • Public web-based information on, and internal risk management for, state recreational resources (camp sites, walks, picnic facilities, etc.) Details
  • Registration of game and wildlife permits. Details
  • Detection of fruit fly infestations. Details
  • Management, and minimisation, of the use of chemicals within the rural industry. Details
  • Allocation of appropriate resources in response to wild fires. Details
  • Inter and intra department communication as it relates to water catchment and agricultural support services. Details
  • Management of the state’s crown land assets, from state parks through to public schools and police stations. Details
  • Construction of a railway providing access to coalfields in central NSW. Details


John Giles is the Principal Consultant, directly employed by Country Endeavours.

Commencing in 1969, John Giles has over 50 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, including senior roles ranging from strategic advice to hands-on development within some of Australia’s leading IT consultancies and as an independent consultant.

He has wide-ranging experience encompassing application areas as diverse as manufacturing, exploration / mining, welfare, retail, construction, engineering, telecommunications, environment management, primary production / agriculture, land titles registration, transport, defence, police, and banking.

John is not only an experienced practitioner in a number of IT areas, he also develops and presents training courses, and provides skills transfer to client staff through mentoring programmes.

Assembled Teams

In addition to the above, Country Endeavours uses its established and proven network of associates to complement these services.


Six Reasons to choose Country Endeavours for your IT Consulting needs.

1. Independent Advice

Country Endeavours sells neither hardware nor software, and has no vendor alignments. We can happily establish solutions involving such products, but our advice is free from commercial considerations.

2. Creativity

There is a place for methodologies, but not at the expense of creativity. A novice who slavishly follows the formula will produce predictable results – large volumes of mediocrity. On the other hand, we choose to selectively and creatively apply recognised methodologies, adapting where circumstances demand.

3. Mentoring

Your company may lose much when consultants walk away, unless a conscious programme of mentoring is followed. We can provide a turnkey solution, but we prefer to share the discovery with your people, training them to continue the work. We don’t want to make ourselves indispensable; instead we want to move on to the next challenge, with you as a reference.

4. Integrity ahead of $

We uphold the need for integrity. It makes commercial sense to get repeat business from clients, but we want to act with integrity simply because it’s the right thing to do. We strongly endorse the Australian Computer Society’s code of ethics.

5. Proven track record

Past studies have indicated that something like 70% of IT projects “fail” due to cost &/or schedule overruns, or delivery shortfall. We strive to manage projects in such a way as to successfully deliver quality solutions, on time, and within budget – and we have an enviable track record in doing just that.

6. Team assembly as required

Country Endeavours frequently joins forces with other quality professionals to form a team that’s just right for your needs.

Cost Information

All work is performed by Country Endeavours Consultants on a time and materials basis. Direct costs incurred are additional.

Varying rates may apply for additional team members.