Shared resources

When we share, we all benefit. Below are some materials and links that may be of benefit to you. I hope so.

Light-weight data model patterns

David Hay and Len Silverston are highly respected publishers of several books on data model patterns. In essence, they enable what I call “quality at speed”.

Below is a download option to access my own light-weight set of common patterns. They in no way are to be seen as a replacement for David and Len’s works. Rather they (1) can be seen as a cost-free introduction to the wonderful world of data model patterns, and (2) they may, in some cases, be sufficient for your needs. If not, please buy David and Len’s books!

Patterns-D-Lite (Light-weight data model patterns): Patterns-D-Lite – v02-00


Sample enterprise data model

What does an “enterprise” data model look like? There are lots of answers, depending on who you ask. Is it a “conceptual” model or a “logical” model, and on and on the debate goes. However, I’m sharing a sample with you that you can clone and refine to meet your needs. And of course it’s based on data model patterns similar to the ones described above.

It’s based on an actual company I did work for in the 1980s, so it’s a bit dated. But it’s real (or at least it used to be real – the company doesn’t exist anymore). I hope you enjoy wandering through this simple sample.

Acme Aluminium Accessories: A sample enterprise data modelAcme class model – v01-01